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Delivered on Microsoft SharePoint platform to support the process of closing accounting periods.

Dedicated for finance organizations with multiple entities and high standards regarding internal and external controls, quality and compliance.

You receive clear information on the closing progress by monitoring the approval status and checklist completion. R-Close allows you to implement a number of internal and external controls: correctness checks, completeness check, SOX approval checks. Simple and intuitive, does not require user training.

The application can be customized following specific requirements, which may include integration with financial system; automation of uploads (imports); workflow approval; custom logic for reconciliation principles.


Travel & Expenses

Travel and Expenses is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for facilitating administration and reimbursement of business expenses incurred by employees.

It enables submitting, approving and reimbursing business trip expenses using an electronic platform – no more paper documents and endless waiting for approvals. The solution can handle single- and multi-level approvals, which can involve an employee’s direct supervisor, accountants and the relevant project manager.

T&E allows recording any type of expense, which need not be strictly related to a given business trip. Expense items may be assigned to pre-defined categories, project codes or marked as Client-billable. Using these categories and the delivered reporting and analytic features, T&E makes it easy to do the accounting, raise invoices and reimburse employees for their business expenses.

Our solution is fully intuitive and does not require any training.



ARCompare is an Excel Add-in for matching and reconciling different sets of data. In an easy and intuitive way, it eliminates the time spent on manual data matching and finding differences between data sources. ARCompare works inside MS Excel. It is efficient to use thanks to a well-designed interface and automated matching analysis.

The need for reconciling and matching data sets is everywhere, especially in the areas of financial and accounting processes. Typical examples:

  • Reconciling financial accounts;
  • Comparing records with external references, e.g. bank statements and invoices;
  • Comparing data from two IT systems.

ARCompare significantly speeds up the process while maintaining maximum accuracy, which translates into immediate efficiency gains.


KPI Monitoring

SharePoint is ideal as the presentation layer for any kind of reports that your organization is obliged to deliver: MI, operational, daily controls, etc.

In order to measure process efficiency, our consultants can help you define Key Performance Indicators. Properly defined KPIs allows an organization to evaluate its success or the success of a particular activity in which it is engaged. To automate the process of collecting, calculating and presenting KPIs, we have built a concept which combines:

  • Relational database for storing all source data and calculating KPIs;
  • Microsoft SharePoint as the presentation and access management layer;
  • Fusion Charts for displaying charts and diagrams.

Training Manager

Training Manager is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for facilitating employee training administration.

It allows online registration for training by the employees, their supervisors or the HR department. The solution’s database contains all key information on training sessions, trainers and trainees. Upon adding a new training session, HR provides its name, date, place, duration, trainer and target group. Training Manager provides an evaluation form for consistent collection of measureable employee feedback for training organizers. It also enables reporting and analytics on training sessions, trainers and trainees with the option to export to Excel.

Our solution is fully intuitive and does not require any training.



Time Reporting System web-based application supports the process of employee time reporting and subsequent manager approval. It provides four reporting dimensions with structured data dictionaries (projects, activities, processes, etc.), overtime control and a replacement functionality to re-direct approval requests.

The application is delivered with a set of management reports to control utilization of human resources and completion of projects/activities.

Employee working time can be registered with four dimensions describing tasks that the employee is working on:

  • Task (activity, project or process);
  • Sub-task (sub-project, sub-process, or comments);
  • Region (Country or Customer);
  • Shift.



TimeTrak is an application for monitoring user activity on a workstation. It collects data such as the time spent using each application and the web browsing history. It facilitates measurement of work time utilization, which is one of the most difficult aspects to measure. All data is collected automatically with no risk of manual interference.


Leave Request

Leave Request is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for facilitating leave request processing.

It enables employees to enter leave requests for electronic approval by their supervisor and the HR department. The solution also enables employees, supervisors and HR to access leave statistics which provide information on the leave history, dates and duration of planned leaves and the current leave entitlement per employee.

Leave Request makes it easy to produce reports by request status, request type, employee ID, supervisor ID, by leaves over a date span and by leave duration. It makes team leaves management easy for supervisors and provides a clear overview of leave statistics for HR.

Our solution is fully intuitive and does not require any training.


Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for facilitating administration of the recruitment process.

It enables entering candidate data into the system using a simple data entry form. The list of candidates is displayed as a table and allows drilling down to candidate profiles. The recruiter can also search the database by personal data, candidate area of expertise, knowledge of foreign languages and years of professional experience.

The solution enables processing candidate applications according to a defined workflow through changes in a candidate’s recruitment status. It also helps in maintaining candidate evaluation consistency through the use of a competency evaluation form. Using a set of delivered reports, recruiters can easily analyze a recruitment process by status, department and position.

Our solution is fully intuitive and does not require any training.


Workflow Platform

ARC workflow platform is a SharePoint-based solution for automating and tracking business processes which allows users to exchange tasks, documents, information, etc. according to defined process flows.

The key advantage of our product is fast and simple process modelling, achieved solely through intuitive configuration – no additional coding is required. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft SharePoint, all processes are fully manageable from your internet browser and access management can be performed easily by assigning tasks and documents to the relevant SharePoint user groups

We offer our product to all companies who want to quickly and efficiently improve their business processes, document flow, communication between users and knowledge/information sharing.

Our solution has been designed to support both simple and complex business processes.



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