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The basic feature of Office 365 is the well-known Office package for editing text, creating presentations and databases. The key advantage of Office 365 is the fact that you are always using the latest version of your apps, thanks to the SaaS licensing model. No more extra upgrade costs.

Full Office package


Well-known text editor, now enhanced with new functionalities for an improved user experience. It enabled editing PDF files, automatically aligns inserted pictures with text. Making custom tables is even easier now.


New version of this popular program makes working with data easier and more intuitive. Excel can now suggest the best type of chart for your data, the Power View function groups data almost instantly and Flash Fill allows you to extract the information you need without having to create complicated formulas.

Power Point

Thanks to the new Presenter View, you will always have full control of the slides while presenting and be able to have a sneak peek at your notes under the slides without your audience seeing them. A multitude of templates will help you make any presentation look appealing.


A new view is available which allows you to peek inside the received messages and prioritize them for reading. Another extremely useful feature is the ability to search the message archive (including mail content) and Lync conversation history.


The new version of this popular notebook allows you to draw and handwrite text whenever you need to. OneNote makes collaboration easier than ever by enabling users to share notes, converting handwriting to text and work simultaneously on a note.


This well-known marketing and publishing tool now packs a new image search feature in the program’s window and enables using these images for the page background.


New functionalities include easy creating SQL databases as well as importing data from text files, xml files or the SharePoint platform.

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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that allows you to create rich, functional portal environments that are intuitive and user-friendly. It enables collaboration and integration of local networks and data. You can use it to exchange information between users, manage files and reporting. Because of SharePoint’s extreme flexibility, its only limitations are those of the Client’s imagination.

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What is Exchange Online?

Microsoft Exchange Online is a component of selected Office 365 plans. Its main functionalities include: e-mail hosting, calendar and task synchronization. It also has the ability to filter your e-mail and block unwanted spyware and malware.


Why is Exchange Online a great solution for your company?

  • Intuitive/easy search – Exchange allows you to not only search your own inbox, but also inboxes throughout the organization, as long as you have the necessary permissions from your administrator.
  • Contacts – you can freely create and maintain distribution groups and user catalogues throughout the whole company. You can also create list of external contacts and share them with all your employees.
  • Restore – thanks to the restore function, you don’t have to worry about lost or accidently deleted e-mails. You will be able to retrieve messages even after emptying your recycle bin. The data retention period is fully configurable by the administrator.
  • Calendar integration – scheduling meetings and organizing your time has never been so easy. Thanks to full integration of calendars across the organization, never again will you disrupt your colleagues’ meetings or schedules with a surprise meeting invite.
  • Data security – using the ability to define mobile device rules, you will be able to create list of authorized devices, enforce PIN code authorization and, in the event a device has been lost or stolen, initiate a data purge remotely.


What is OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is an application that enables file storage in the cloud. It has all the classic functions of popular solutions: uploading, grouping and sharing files with other users. You can sync it with designated folders on your local machine as well as upload files manually. What is important is that OneDrive is fully integrated with the Office Suite, which allows users to save files directly in the cloud without the need to save them on a local hard drive.


Why is OneDrive a great solution for your company ?

  • 1TB of space per user – you don’t have to worry about lack of hard drive space in your company. One license means 1TB of extra space per user.
  • No more chunky attachments – thanks to OneDrive, you can upload a file of up to 10GB in size and then send the download link via e-mail or any communicator. The recipient does not require any special software to download the file. All they need is a web browser.
  • Mobile devices – you can use OneDrive on your PC but also on all mobile devices – tablets, smartphones. iOS, Android and Windows Mobile are fully supported.
  • Search functionality – OneDrive allows users to search by file name and content which significantly improves search efficiency and saves your employees’ time.
  • Top-notch safety procedures – Microsoft has all the important file safety and privacy certificates including: ISO 27001, FISMA and ISO 27018. It also meets EU regulations on personal data privacy and security.

Skype for Business

What is Skype for Business?

Microsoft Skype for Business is one of the most advanced communication software on the market. It can be used for written, voice or video communication. Skype for Business allows you to organize virtual meetings for multiple users and it is also a great sales tool thanks to the functionality of Power Point presentations and whiteboard.


Why is Skype for Business a great solution for your company?

  • Conference calls – organize conferences for up to 250 users both inside and outside of your company.
  • Saving and archive – Skype for Business allows not only to communicate within your organization and outside of it but also enables you to save and record the conversations. Because it is fully integrated with Outlook, you can easily search through your records and recall the information you need.
  • Virtual presentation – save time of your sales team with virtual presentation. This feature does not require your Clients to have Skype for Business installed – they need only to click on the link you provide them and the watch presentation in their browser.
  • Mobile devices – like the rest of the Office 365 components, Skype for Business is fully supported on all the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Millions of users worldwide – Microsoft Skype for Business is also integrated with arguably the most popular communicator in the world – Skype. You can contact Skype users without installing it.
  • Savings – Skype for Business is fully capable of replacing traditional phone calls thanks to its usability on mobile devices.





Why should I choose subscription instead of classic licensing?

Always up to date – an Office 365 subscription guarantees that all the components of Office are updated without any additional costs.

One subscription – multiple devices – having Office adds value on top of the classic Office suite. You will be able to edit and create documents and collaborate more efficiently because each subscription allows you to install components on 5 different devices – PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Also, you don’t need to buy extra licenses for any Mac computers in your company. Office 365 has it covered.

Collaboration – basic components of Office 365 such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word or OneNote allow you to cooperate with others and work on documents simultaneously. Thanks to this great feature, team-work efficiency in your company can now reach new heights.

Integration with social networks – Office 365 is integrated with all the most popular social networks. Therefore, sharing documents with a broader audience is just one click away. It is up to you whether you allow them to edit the content or just browse through.



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