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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) is a revolutionary step in human capital management.  Built from the ground up to help you do things your way, know your people better, and work as a team, Oracle Fusion HCM redefines the business of HR to provide value to every person in the organization.  It provides extremely powerful embedded intelligence, social networking tools and mobile accessibility so workers can get their job done easier and faster.

Fusion Fixed Scope Offering

HR departments aim to become true partners for business. HR actions impact business performance significantly, that’s why some of the following points raised to be major challenges:

  • Collecting relevant metrics to enable data-driven HR actions.
  • Identifying Talent among organization and being able to reward, develop and retain them.
  • Ensuring a positive candidate and employee experience by simplifying HR-related processes.
  • Ensuring employee engagement by empowering culture focused on business goals and performance.
  • Integrating all HR functions providing unified environment and seamless process flow.
  • Adopting best HR market practices for managing talent.


Most of these can be addressed with modern HCM solutions and ARC Consulting services. Click below to learn more about ARC implementation offering for Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service suite.

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  • Assign measurable goals to your workforce and align them to organization goals.
  • Track goals on an ongoing basis.
  • Publish organization goals for strategy visibility.
  • Promote collaboration using goal sharing and social network.
  • View goal progress in team and whole organization.


  • Explore roles in your organization to uncover potential opportunities.
  • Identify future potential roles as careers of interest.
  • Use development plans directly tied to careers of interest.
  • Manage progressed long-term career strategies.


  • Prepare point-in-time evaluation of worker performance.
  • Benefit from executive view into performance task completion, rating, distribution, manager ratings and performance details.
  • Configure process flow to match your business needs.
  • Make use of multi-rater feedback tools in performance process.
  • Easily manage your documents and historical data.
  • Create real-time embedded business intelligence reports and dashboards.


  • Create compensation budget and calculation.
  • Research the impact of compensation decisions.
  • Easily prepare end-of-cycle compensation communication letters.
  • Identify compensation anomalies and trends.


  • Review and identify organization top talent.
  • Benefit from highly interactive and visual talent review dashboard.
  • Calibrate talent through ‘drag & drop’
  • Monitor progression of talent from one cycle to the next.
  • Manage meeting setup and data preparation process.
  • Visualize key succession data and take actions from the organization chart.
  • Interact with Succession Plans and Talent Pools.


ARC Consulting offers you HCM cloud solutions. You’ll find it beneficial in the following areas:

  • Data security – Oracle is responsible for your data storage and security. There are 300 experts dedicated to support Oracle cloud solutions, taking care of physical and logical data security.
  • Cost – easy to plan, as cloud solution do not generate any unexpected expenses. Your only cost is implementation and user licensing. Infrastructure, maintenance, service and updates are covered by Oracle.
  • Flexibility – Oracle HCM solutions were developed based on user best practices and are open for personalization. Systems can be integrated with other tools, and are available from any location and from mobile devices.


Functionalities selection

  • Presenting the solutions
  • Selecting tools and modules
  • Defining the work schedule
  • Process mapping

Tools configuration

  • Configuring the system and user views
  • Optional implementation of addition functionality (e.g.integrations)

Testing and training

  • Acceptance tests
  • Preparation of training materials
  • Administrator training
  • Optional user training


  • Supporting the go-live and communication of the new tool and processes
  • Defining the post – implementation support model

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