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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is the practice whereby an algorithm or computer software performs actions usually carried out by a human in order to complete ruled-based tasks.

• replicates the actions of a human by interacting with the user interface of a computer system
• can be triggered manually or automatically
on specified event
• Virtual worker „trained” / configured to do repetitive tasks

How do we do it

Cloud Farm of Robots

  • Does not require any interference on user’s workstation
  • Our robots work on the Microsoft Azure Cloud connecting to customer’s environment via internet


Workstation Robot

      • Installed on user’s workstation
      • Uses usually available Microsoft components (Excel, Access, VBA, Outlook)




        Process candidate for automation filled to list with candidates for RPA


Each process is scored with RPA scoring template and reviewed with process responsible


Scored process with high-level description is sent to ARC Consulting for review and cost estimation


If the automation is profitable, specialist from ARC meets process responsible to gather all information


ARC prepares a robot and delivers to process responsible for tests and adjustments


Implementation of robot with ARC support


Robot is added to Robotics Management Center and stays under ARC support


Robots controlling & monitoring

Robotic Management Center – is an application that enable you to control and monitor all of the robots that currently empower you organisation. Your employees can decide whatever they want to run them manually or automatically, check on their statuses and easily access information about their effectiveness and achieved return on investment. RMC is fully integrated with Office 365.

report RMCT



Decreased cycle times and improved throughput

Software robots are designed to perform tasks faster than a person can and do not require sleep making 24×7 operations possible.

Improved accuracy

Robots are programmed to follow rules and robots do not make typos.

Detailed data capture

The tasks performed by a software robot can be monitored and recorded at every step, producing valuable data.

Flexibility and scalability

Once a process has been defined as a series of instructions that a software robot can execute, it can be scheduled for a particular time, and as many robots as required can be quickly deployed to perform it.

License free

No third party software installation. Robots are using end user computing model.

Release employee potential

Enables departments to self service (employees can be refocused on more rewarding and higher value activities.

Release IT potential

Frees up the limited and valuable skills of IT professionals to concentrate on more strategic IT implementations such as ERP rollouts.

Improved employee morale

The tasks and processes most suitable for automation are typically the most onerous and least enjoyed. Therefore employees relieved of them can be refocused on more rewarding and higher value activities.


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