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ARC is a medium-sized consulting company established in 2007 and currently employing around 70 people at our offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Lodz and Prague. Because of the nature of the consulting business, many of our consultants also work in other locations, i.e. in our Clients’ offices.


Do you dream of a career in a modern consulting company?

Whether you are a seasoned expert or fresh out of university, ARC is the place for you.
What matters is that you are highly motivated, open to challenges and willing to grow with us. We are constantly on the lookout for new talents.




Why join us?


Your contribution really matters 

Our organizational structure is simple and project teams are small. Every member of our team is valuable and their opinion is important. Communication is easier in small teams – information flows quickly and our consultants know each other very well and develop friendships easily.


Gain experience faster

Work at ARC is dynamic. We invest in trainees and interns to help the company grow. Your role during the probation period will not be “caffeine procurement coordinator” or “documentation management specialist (Xerox division).” We want you to do meaningful work for our Clients as soon as possible.


Learn more

At ARC, you will spend a lot of time talking to colleagues. Your teammates – developers, consultants, analysts – are top-class professionals who share their knowledge and experience willingly, making it easier for you to grow.


Keep your schedule flexible

Your working hours depend on you and your project. Our employees start their work between 7:00 and 10:00 and everyone adjusts their individual schedules to fit them best. You might work from an ARC office or a Client office. Home office is also an option, provided this arrangement does not impact the project.


Immerse yourself in new technologies

Our partners are Microsoft and Oracle, the world’s major software providers. Rest assured that you will always work with the latest and greatest in IT solutions. As partners to Microsoft and Oracle, we have access to their experts and technical consultants, who provide support on the intricacies of their products.


Social package

Our employees benefit from private health care and insurance schemes with a global reach. You can also join the Multisport program which provides unlimited access to many sports and recreation facilities in Poland, as well as obtain other types of support from the Social Fund.


Custimize your contract

Flexibility is key to ARC and job contracts are no exception. Whether you opt for an employment contract, self-employment, contract for specific work or contract of mandate, it’s all down to your preference and the nature of the project.


People come back to us

Change is only natural. Over time, all of us may feel the need to prove our worth in a different role, environment or industry. ARC will not hold a grudge against you if you decide it’s time for a change. Our doors will remain open. We have had more than a few comebacks over the years and believe that this speaks volumes of how we treat ARC staff and how they feel about working with us.


Our team

Our employees specialize in business consulting, IT consulting and advanced IT solutions. We distinguish between two career development paths: expertise in software development and IT technology on the one hand, and functional/business consulting on the other. Technical consultants focus primarily on programming skills and system architecture to ensure the applications they create meet the highest quality and performance standards, which translates into excellent products and personal development. The functional/business vein is about process consulting as well as implementation and integration projects.
The formal career path and ranks are the same for all ARC employees:

As a new employee, you will start at the level which matches your skills and experience upon joining ARC. How quickly you make your way up the ladder is up to you. Decisions on promotions and pay rises are always based on individual assessment and measurable criteria for evaluating your progress and value to the team.
We are looking for people open to working in a team- and objective-oriented environment, eager to acquire new knowledge and professional experience, learn foreign languages. We are looking for new technology enthusiasts.

Our success stories

Krzysiek Wieczorek I started working with ARC in 2007 as a fresh graduate of Management at the Faculty of Economics and International Relations at the Cracow University of Economics. I had known from the beginning that I wanted to pursue a career in Consulting, but I was not interested in the Big Four. ARC turned out to be the right choice because it allowed me to combine the advantages of working in a medium-sized company with the ability to gain experience in the largest companies in the world. And so, for over 5 years I dealt with more and more difficult projects, making my way up from the position of analyst to Project Manager. Then I began to grow curious about what the world looks like outside of ARC and what it has to offer for me. Curiosity was so strong that, in 2013, I decided on a change of employment and enrolled as a Project Manager at an international bank. After about a year, however, I realized that ARC is more suited to my interests and character. So I came back, no regrets, and not planning on going anywhere soon.


Sławek Kubit Shortly after graduating, I decided to see the world and charge up my batteries before starting any serious work. I returned to Krakow a year later with the motivation and energy to find an interesting and challenging job.
I had the pleasure of joining ARC to a team of experienced and versatile consultants, which was a great learning experience for me. My first days in ARC were in the rank of Junior Consultant.
Year after year, I gained experience working with more and more customers. I became interested in the MS SharePoint platform, and obtained a MS certificate in the process of becoming a SharePoint specialist. Over the years, I advanced to the rank of Consultant and then Senior Consultant, the number of satisfied customers and solutions implemented continuously growing at a crazy pace.
Today, after 7 years of adventure with ARC, I am managing a team of my own and act as Project Manager. Together with the team, we implement solutions for customers in Poland and abroad. The key to success is a strong team!
I wonder what the future holds …


Łukasz Turek I joined the company six months ago, and every day I am more and more happy with my work. The atmosphere at the office is very friendly. It is very important for me to have a flexible work schedule so I can work and study at the same time. Shortly after joining ARC, I was assigned to a freshly started project, which gave me the opportunity to learn about the process of designing and implementing software for a Client. I think this is the best way to gain experience for someone who has just started their career in IT.


Monika Matyjek-Góra In my fifth year of university, I had relatively few classes and quite a lot of free time. I wanted to take advantage of it and start gaining work experience, but on the other hand, I wanted to write my Master’s thesis and graduate. I started working as an assistant at ARC, supporting the Managing Partners in the daily running of the company.
What I appreciate about ARC is that the work is ambitious and boredom has no chance of setting in, that the people are fantastic and, most importantly, that I am constantly growing professionally. Over nearly seven years, my career at ARC took me from office management, organizing social events, company branding, through payroll and HR and finally to the position of Consultant, which I have held for over a year now. In my current role, I use the experience from my previous responsibilities to implement human capital management solutions.
I can reconcile a professional career with a happy private life. Take this from the mother of two wonderful sons who, thanks to the flexibility of ARC, has plenty of time for her family and a rewarding and challenging job at the same time.


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