6 Oct

ARC Smart Platform Improves Productivity and Extends Modern-day Business Capabilities Using Microsoft Office 365

ARC Smart Platform Improves Productivity and Extends Modern-day Business Capabilities Using Microsoft Office 365


ARC Consulting today announces the availability of its new workflow platform, ARC Smart Platform, which extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365.
Powered by Microsoft Azure, ARC Smart Platform is a fully- scalable workflow solution that combines all of an organization’s business processes, such as accounts payable and task management, into one dashboard that’s accessible from the Office 365 menu once installed. A connection with Microsoft Exchange Online provides a variety of benefits, such as email reminders and notifications, and a connection with Microsoft SharePoint ensures users can access only the apps and date for which they are authorized.


Depending on their organizational structure, customers can choose from ready-made applications (e.g. leave requests, accounts payable, timesheets) or order tailored applications to address their specific requirements. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payment model supports customers who are looking for cost-effective and scalable solutions.


“Our SMB clients are looking for low-cost solutions that won’t drain their IT budget, while our enterprise customers are interested in fast deployment to avoid long-term projects that could affect their KPIs.” says Krzysztof Czeczot, Managing Partner at ARC Consulting.


ARC Smart Platform addresses both of those needs. Its powerful engine drastically reduces the time it takes to develop new applications, resulting in reduced implementation time. The development-to- implementation process has been cut down from weeks to days. Finally, ARC’s growing portfolio of applications cuts the time down further since adopting the ready-made app is easy. Simply fill in a few forms and add users.


“We’re pleased to see ARC’s commitment to Microsoft,” said Rob Howard, director of Office Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. “Through its connection with Office 365, ARC is helping provide our mutual customers with a powerful tool to simplify management of their business processes.”


The workflow platform benefits from its connection with Office 365 further since it uses Azure Active Directory. This means users don’t have to remember multiple credentials to use different applications – everything is available in the same environment. By hosting its applications on Microsoft Azure, ARC Consulting is able to support its customers with global scale. All they have to do is change the plan of the specific Microsoft Azure Service (e.g. Azure SQL) to be able to use their apps on much bigger scale.


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ARC Consulting specializes in business and IT consulting. We aim to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients that enable them to gain a competitive advantage. Our goal is to address our clients’ needs – regardless of company size. We connect two worlds – business and new technologies. ARC Smart Platform is a result of our philosophy and experience.


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