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Is the digitization of VAT invoices our inevitable future?

by Maciej Gomółka Konsultant rozwiązań dla biznesu

The obligation to use KSeF (National e-Invoice System) will force Polish companies to receive VAT invoices in electronic form. Are domestic companies ready for that?

The inevitable digitisation

KSeF will mean a revolution in processes related to the circulation of VAT invoices for many companies. Currently, more than 2/3 of entrepreneurs do not use e-invoices. Full digitization of invoice processes has been implemented by even fewer entities. According to Eurostat data 13% of enterprises operating in Poland use e-invoices only.

Only e-version? Implications of KSeF implementation

The new obligation to use KSeF system means nessesary of e-invoices. This applies to both parties - receiving and issuing invoices. The entrepreneur must ensure that the invoice is issued in the KSeF system. A document created in a different way will not have a unique identification number – the so-called KSeF ID and according to the regulations will not be treated as a VAT invoice.

Similarly, all received invoices will have to be registered in the KSeF system in order to be considered as a cost. Importantly, the provisions of KSeF do not impose any obligation on entrepreneurs to inform their contractors that a VAT invoice has been issued.

Welcome in the paperless world

W praktyce oznacza to, że wiele podmiotów może całkowicie zrezygnować z papierowego obiegu dokumentów i w całości przejść na KSeF. Źródłem faktury bowiem będzie system KSeF, a nie papierowa wersja dokumentu. Dla firm, które dziś stosują wyłącznie faktury papierowe będzie oznaczało to diametralną zmianę podejścia do dzisiejszych procesów.

Practically this means that many entities can completely abandon paper document flow and switch to KSeF. The KSeF system will be the only one valid source of invoices. For companies that use only paper work flow, this will mean a radical change in the approach.

What aspects should be consider to be well prepared?

What aspects should be taken into account when analyzing the full digitization of VAT invoices in your company?

"The rejection of paper invoices by many contractors will revise many enterprenuears' view not only on the process of VAT invoice circulation. The invoice document is also linked to other processes. For example, many companies use it as a logistics document. The changes will also affect customers who, instead of 'taking an invoice', will have to download it from the KSeF system. For larger entities, the lack of synchronization of the KSeF system with the company's financial and accounting systems (ERP) can be a big headache."

How to cope with the new reality?

Our team supports companies by providing recommendations and ultimately solutions in line with their needs.

by Maciej Gomółka Konsultant rozwiązań dla biznesu